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Apr 4, 2019 UPDATE

Kyoto Craft Beer

1.Manufacturing Process It takes about 3 weeks in our company. 1 day for preparation, 1 week for alcohol ferme […]

1.Manufacturing Process

It takes about 3 weeks in our company. 1 day for preparation, 1 week for alcohol fermentation, after fermentation at 20 degrees, lower to 2 degrees by temperature again. Complete after 2 weeks resting.

2.Production Volume per 1 process

About 420 L per process. About 40 of 10 L barrels, about 1200 products of 330 ml bottles.

3.Beer Types and Characteristics

Smooth beer used citrus hassaku and wheat, general bitter beer in golden color, and British style beer “Pale Ale”. Providing these 4 standards.

4.Struggles until creating the original tastes

I make beer I like and want to drink, but I still at a continuous process of trail and error to create the taste which is not too out favorite and liked by all.

5.Commitment to Craft Beer

It’s said beer is a marvelous drink which makes people pleasant and smile. I’d like people to put on a smile and happiness by drinking my homemade beer, and I’m applying myself to manufacturing.

6.Message to Beer Lovers and Not so

I often hear “I don’t like beer. I can’t drink beer.”, but there are various kinds of beer such as fruity kinds like cocktails, and there are kinds of in earnest on bitter taste. I’m sure you can find the products that are suited for you.

7.Commitment to Create in Kyoto

I myself was born and grew up in Kyoto, and before participating in beer, there is also a process for which I was working as a kimono craftsman, I who have concerned traditional industry would like to liven culture in Kyoto and industry on the concept of “the beer created in Kyoto” with having some affecting in a local industry and traditional industry in the future.

8.Message to Consumers

I think beer is the drink which can put people on a smile and happiness. I’d like everyone to drink our beer and I want our beer to be accepted as one item people can be happily abundantly even a little. Also, It’s said to be “produced beer” in Kyoto , I’d like to take out Kyoto-Color hard. I should be very much obliged if you drink our beer.

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