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Dec 12, 2017 UPDATE

Third episode Daichinzan Rokudou Chinnouji

The border between the physical and the under realm “Rokudounotsuji”,
the land of the dark lord Ono no Takamura.
“Rokudounotsuji”was the entrance to the netherworld, where Ono no Takamura embraced evil in exchange of arcaney from Enma Dayou.

Lord Ono no Takamura fascinated by the dark side fell into the cliff, here’s his figure.

Close up on the statue of Ono no Takamura

Excellent in all sorts of martial art , swordsmanship, archery, horseback riding, also gained name as a scholar, poet and singer. 190 centimeters tall, unrestrained personality and eccentric, Ono no Takamura was also called Yakyo “the wild and crazy”. Until today it is told that he lived a double life when at the daytime he attended ministerial council meetings, at night serving as an official of Enma Dayou Grand Palace. Enma Dyou bestowed him unknown powers that could bring back late ancestors “Shōryōmukae no hō“, a strange episode inside The Konjaku Monogatarishuu tells the tale of his late superior Fujiwara no Yoshimi to whom he met in the nether world and was returned to life.

Recently discovered from the old prefecture inner area “Yomigaerino Idou” the resurrection well

Images of the “Yomigaerino Idou”

Besides the “Meidogayoi no Idou” (the nether world passage well) which the lord used to enter hell, it became clear recently he used “Yomigaerino Idou” the resurrection well as passage to the living realm. It is enshrined quietly at furthest Northeast area of the former prefecture inland area, it is a symbol that the weakness from the nether world drifts away.

Under the eaves of the Hondou, the statue of a monkey protect strangers from demons.

Image of monkey under the eaves

A monkey with a hat and a bill sits down under the eaves of the northeastern corner of the main hall glancing at the demon and the “Meidogayoi no Idou” (the nether world passage well) at the backyard. Because monkeys call loudly at dawn cleaning bad spirits they are regarded as a sacred animals. In Japanese the play with words ONIGASARU means both “for demon a monkey” and “demon leaves” therefore this monkey is placed here to act as a guarding god.

Daichinzan Rokudou Chinnouji

595 Komatsu-cho Yamatooji-dori Shijo-sagaru 4cho-me Higashiyama-ku,Kyoto
15 minutes away walking from Keihan Kyomizu-Gojo Station, Gion-Shijo Station
admission fee
Free entrance (500 yen to visit the temple treasures *by appointment)

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