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Dec 12, 2017 UPDATE

Second episode Ryozen Kanon

Teisan’s founder embodied hope for peace Ichidai Kanon.
Hachijushaku Byakue Kanon was enshriened by late Ishikawa Hirosuke, a prominent businessman in the Showa period.
The master piece work of sculptor Yamazaki Chouun.

One of Higashiyama six peaks, a towering monument of peace in Ryozen.

Image of Kanon from bottom to top

10 years after the end of the Second World War.Longing to appease all war victims, the founder of the Teisan Group, Ishikawa Hirosuke wishes move the sculptor Yamazaki Chouun’s heart.This symbol of peace transformed into Kanon beautifully wrapped in a white robe with a jubilant face.Hachijushaku The majestic Kannon statue towers about 24 meters high and is surrounded by Kodaiji temple, which also seize the hearts of sightseeing visitors.

Shinning brightly in the precincts “The orbs of wishes” a power spot!?

Close up of the orb of wishes

「The Orb Of Wishes」, beginning of the heavens and Earth, origin of all Buddhist treasures protected in this place.Ryozen Kanon is not only an ancient Feng Shui ground but it is also called a “power spot”, where energy flows, recently attracting foreign tourists and receiving their wishes.Taiganjouju’s “Nyoihouju” costs 500 yen. Have this crystal embedded with your wishes with you.

Enter Kanon’s womb and visit Eto-mamori honzon

Images of the various religious statues.

Inside the womb of Kanon, the Senju Kannon Bodhisattva and the protector of each zodiac are enshrined, you can freely wander around the dimly rooms.A sometimes overlooked route, take your time and find your protecting deity.
*You can find your protecting zodiac deity enshrined in the womb of the great Kannon embodied as different interpretations of Buddha, the 12 Eto-mamori honzon.

Ryozen Kanon

Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward 526-2
8:40~16:20( Last entrance 16:00)
admission fee
Entrance 300 yen(middle・high school 200yen elementary school100yen)

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