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Jul 7, 2019 UPDATE

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The secret on the foundation of Daimaru,and Gion Festival The history of Takinoo Shrine The establishment peri […]

The secret on the foundation of Daimaru,and Gion Festival

The history of Takinoo Shrine

The establishment period was unknown, but the building seems to be originally a small shrine at Toribeno in Amidagamine, one of the Higashiyama 36 mountains. Burned out in by the "O-nin Rebellion" 500 years ago,it was relocated near Sanjyusangendo.In the Tensho period,it was transited here with the erection of Houkouji temple by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. The worshipped deity is Oonamuchinomikoto a.k.a Ookuninushinomikoto. The present main shrine,worship hall,hand bath,and ema hall were constructed by Shimomura family,the founder of Daimaru department store in the Edo period.The main shrine was reconstructed from Kifune shrine.

The relationship with Shimomura family(the present founder of Daimaru)

In the Edo period, Hikouemon Shimomura,a kimono salesperson visited here. Whenever he traveled, he came to Takinoo Shrine and prayed for a thriving business. This salesperson was the founder of the department store, Daimaru.According to the tradition,thanks to his pray, Hikouemon succeeded in his business and donated the wooden dragon in worship hall.Its body is made from Japanese cedar,its head from white cedar,its eyes from plating,and the hands have a golden ball.To create the drgaon,it cost approx 2500 ryo,which was heavy charges, approx 500 million yen.

The story of the work from the sculptor,Shintaro Kuyama

The highlight must be the wooden dragon,but its cub looks the best by Shintaro Kuyama, a scupltor in the Edo period,tradition says. When a big boat moth was revived after 150 years in Gion Festival, a dragon's head on the bow looked Kuyama's work. In the research of the wooden dragon, the story became persuasive because the head part's removal function and a special device in the neck in which the head can shake. Moreover,sculptures of various animals or sacred beasts,such as monkeys eating persimons,twelve zodiac signs,A-Un dragons, phoenixes,and legenday giraffes, are found around the corridor in main shrine.

Takinoo Shrine

718,11th Street,Honcho,Higashiyama-ku,Kyoto city
Approx. 3 minutes walk from JR or Keihan Touhukuji Station
Entrance free

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